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Gat-Ku (one of our favorite purveyors of pole spear wonderfullness) is doing a tourney of the triggerless sort…Check it out!

Gat-Ku Polespears presents the 4th annual Gat-Ku Polespear meet on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 in San Diego. This spearfishing meet is OPEN TO EVERYONE. FREEDIVING ONLY, POLESPEARS ONLY.

Once again, the GAT-KU polespear meet will be sponsoring Youth Venture teen centers.
Proceeds of the $27 registration fee go to the help this volunteer-based program that has been making a tremendous difference in our community. I have had the opportunity to volunteer as a youth counselor at one of these teen centers over the past years. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to collect proceeds for such a worthy cause.

Every registered diver will receive:

a BBQ ticket, extra family members are $4 each payable at event,

a T-shirt **(pre-registered only),
A chance to win a competition plaque (1st-3rd),
10 raffle tickets (must be present to win)

Raffle prizes include:
Too many to mention . . .
Many more to be announced!


1. All participant must register by July 17th at
T-shirt is included with registration by deadline.

**Submit before July 8th, 2009 to be eligible for a t-shirt!

2. Divers must begin after dawn. Diving is permitted anywhere in California ocean waters. Meet ends at 3:00 p.m. and all fish must be inside catch circle by 3:00 p.m. sharp. Weigh-in location is at Shelter Island (Point Loma) at the grassy area across from Humphrey’s. Fish must be personally presented by the diver – NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Scoring is based on species and weight (rounded to the nearest pound). No more than three fish per diver and no more than two per species. Species score as follows:
(3) Points/Lb. for Calico, Sandbass, WSB, YT, Bonita, Barracuda, Halibut, Dorado, Tuna
(1) Point/Lb. for all others
All fish must be taken in compliance with California Fish and Game regulations. Sharks, molas, rays, and eels are not permitted.

4. Competitors must possess a valid CA fishing license.

5. Fish may only be taken while freediving and with a polespear of any length.


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