An almost perfect rod…

Way too many people make a mistake when choosing a fishing rod or rods when outfitting on a sailboat. I’ve lost count of the number of big rods and bigger reels stuck in rod holders that never ever get used and simply just die a slow sad death in the sun.

Of course, no one on a sailboat has room below for rods and those Penn Senator reels make for lovely head bumpers and “OUCH” creators if you did find some spare room to hang them. Fact is, space on a sailboat is just too valuable for “Normal” rods.

Wright McGill makes a really nice traveler series which are just the thing for boat use. Both in that they are the right size and type for 99% of the sort of rod and reel fishing we do on sailboats and the right size in that they break down into a manageable size for stowing below out of the way and safe from the sun and UV. Plus since they are small storage wise you can have a couple of rods that do the job instead of the one size does all broom pole I see on so many sailboats!

On “So It Goes” I’ve been rethinking my rod quiver and the Traveler series by Wright McGill (I’m leaning towards the 6’6″ spinning) looks to be a big part of the solution to the ongoing shrinking boat problem.

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