The other day I caught this video about the L.B. Huntington company and its drone spoons. So, it got me thinking…

Way back when folks actually trolled lures under oar power as a normal method of catching fish. Nothing actually surprising in that bit of knowledge but it’s so far off the norm that it makes me wonder just how much we’re missing by just doing stuff like everybody else does.

Of course, a lot of folks kayak fishing have rediscovered the art of trolling various lures, at slow speeds. Most kayak fishermen I’ve talked to seem to use the Huntington Drone spoons in the smaller sizes as their go to trolling lure getting out to their chosen fishing grounds.


Back when I was a kid on Catalina I used to troll a Drone spoon from my Sunfish and even caught my first tuna trolling one at a couple of knots on a nearly windless day within sight of Avalon. Ever since I’ve always kept a spoon in my lure quiver on our various sailboats and they’ve always delivered.

Which makes me wonder why I’ve not included a couple in my dinghy fishing kit? A situation easily fixed.

As soon as the new dinghy is done I’ll be trying out a few drone spoons by trolling the edges of the reef here under oar and see how it goes.

More about that in the near future.

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