Good stuff for spearfishing…

Neptonic Systems is company that makes and sells stuff for guys like me who spearfish and just can’t let well enough alone and use gear just as it comes…

Whenever I have a cunning plan related to spearfishing, my first stop is Neptonic.

Case in point… a while back I wanted to have the line on my spear break away so it was tethered to my dive float and not to my gun. Rob Allen who makes the gun in question had a somewhat kludgy method of doing this but, being somewhat allergic to kludges, I figured I’d have to cobble up some cunning device to make it work and that Neptonic would be the best source for the bits and pieces involved. Well, sure enough they had all the bits, but they also had a truly elegant, simple and very affordable pre-made Break-away adapter all ready to go!

My next project, since I am more oriented on triggerless spearfishing at the moment, is a break-away system for a hand spear for blue water hunting… Hint, Hint!

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