Long fin antics…

Of course there are other ways to fish… Spearfishing being one of the best and most eco-friendly means to put fish on the grill.

Sad to say spearfishing has some serious enemies and there is a lot of misinformation and propaganda that you may find yourself having to listen to from time to time. So it goes… Take some time and think through the various arguments as it is something of a “hot” topic.

Right now I hardly ever bother using my spear gun, preferring to use Pole Spears instead. Partly because pole spears are less trouble in the red tape department here in the Caribbean but also because pole spears take a whole lot more skill while being simpler which is always a nice combination. Kinda Zen in fact!

As far as the sort of pole spear you are looking for, you could do a lot worse than getting a spear from Ray Odor, Gat Ku or the Manny Puig spear that Omer is building. A new name on the Pole Spear scene with some interesting ideas is Crist and while I have not had a chance to use one of his spears personally, I do keep hearing good things.

If you do get into pole spears chances are you will find yourself with a quiver anyway, so it does not really matter what you start out with as all of the above spears seem to have their niche areas that they work best in and only using them will sort that out. Most of my friends who use pole spears tend to have three or four different spears that they use regularly. I tend to mix and match the components so it is not unusual to find me using a Gat Ku slip tip on my Odor spear and so on.

More soonish on the sharp end of the pole…

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