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Eagle Claw has recently come out with a new 100% biodegradable fishing line called Bioline… Which is very good news!

Not so good news, is that for the moment it is only available up to 12 pound test. That said, we now have an alternative for all of our light fishing  needs and hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be seeing salt water weight lines coming on the market…

Maybe not such a bad idea to write the folks at Eagle Claw and let them know (while you’re at it write folks like Ande and other line manufacturers and ask why they don’t offer a product like Bioline) that heavier weight lines would be welcome.

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  1. Heavier biodegradable fishing line for saltwater applications would be a huge benefit to the environment. A lot of mono ends up in our oceans. In the mean time we need to recycle our old monofilament line as often as we can.

    We should have the new version of Bioline available online at Green Tackle within the next week or two.

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