Scary fact…

Did you know that it takes modern fishing line over six hundred years to break down? That is seriously scary and I’d have guessed a couple of years at most  the way plastics are affected by UV and suchlike…

Something to think about when disposing of fishing line and leaders!

2 thoughts on “Scary fact…”

  1. One of my petpeeves at the local marina is the transients put little cans of expensive beer in the monofilament recycling tubes. "No Trash" in large print isn't enough to stop these sociopaths.

    Berkley has a recycling program and AFAIK individuals can send monofilament line in.

  2. Amazing to think that my grandfather's lost fishing line is still sitting out there in the environment.

    The address for the Berkley mono recycling program is:

    Berkley Recycling
    1900 18th Street
    Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

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