AFCFG… What about Wahoo?

Since the Wahoo tournament just finished, thoughts of Wahoo are very much on my mind…

One of the big problems with a fish like Wahoo and sportsfishing tech is that most of the gear and advice you will find at the corner tackle shop is designed for trolling at higher speeds than sailboats cruise at and lures designed to perform well at fourteen-knots or so seldom do well at six.

Of course, Wahoo, having excellent eyesight, are even more picky than such cruisng staples as Mahi Mahi or Tuna. So, if Wahoo filets are the objective, it’s even more important to get it right. My usual suspects when trolling for Wahoo are Cedar Plugs  or Squids in a daisy chain presentation or spoons (which just don’t seem to get the respect they deserve but as they are cheap well worth trying).

More often than not, when fishing for Wahoo I also up the hook size a notch or two. If you are making up your own rigs this is the one species I prefer wire leaders to 100-pound mono.

Since I normally troll at least two lines (say a daisy chained cedar plug at three boat lengths and a big spoon at a single boat length) there is a better than good chance that if you do get into Wahoo that you are just as likely to get hits on all lines at once (Wahoo not being a solitary fish they tend to do things as a group). Being prepared for all hell breaking loose and putting a little forethought as to how you might deal with two big fish at the same time would be no bad thing as things could get a little crazy…

… And crazy is no bad thing!

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