Any old rod will do… an AFCFG exercise

I’m the first guy to admire and lust after great fishing gear… I mean cool rods and reels are… well, COOL!

I’ve mentioned before my love affair with the Eagle Claw Trailmaster which had an enjoyment quotient far higher than its dollar value simply because it got used on a regular basis as my more expensive tackle was often considered too expensive to put at risk while traveling or left in the van 24/7/365.

Readers of this little bit of madness in cyberspace write and ask about gear and they often ask questions about “what is the best” or “what’s the ultimate boat rod”. The truth of the matter is that “best” and “ultimate” simply don’t make any sense in the real world that is cruising on a sailboat… Which is not to say that there is not such a thing as the perfect rod.

The perfect rod, however, is not about how much you pay for it, how well it is engineered, how it is made of some super state-of-the-art composite and finished by artists so that it could be hung in the Louvre. No. The perfect rod is about how it makes you feel when you have a fish on and the electricity is thrumming through the matrix of rod/reel and you feel it… You are just as likely to “feel it” with a ten dollar swap meet bargain rod as you will with a $1000 work of art.

Your mission is to find that rod…

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