Spin off being a good thing… A near perfect sailboat lure?

In the past I have bemoaned (well OK, ranted) the fact that most production made lures for trolling are not designed for sailboat speeds…

For most of us the answer is to make our own or modify existing lures but every once in a while someone actually gets the fact that all fishermen are not driving gas guzzling muscle boats and pulling hellacious wakes.

Luckily for us slowpokes on sailboats, the new found popularity of kayak fishing has a lot of tackle folks scratching their heads and coming up with new products for this new found market.

Case in point Pelagix has come out with some very neat kayak lures that look like just the thing to be trolling behind your sailboat when you are ghosting along at three or four knots… Even better they are priced reasonably so won’t mess too much with a cruiser on a budget!

1 thought on “Spin off being a good thing… A near perfect sailboat lure?”

  1. I just received some of these from Pelagix for field testing. Hope to get them rigged and in the water this week…I agree, they sure look killer for kayak fishing.

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