The zen of fishing from a moving sailboat…

I’ll be the first to admit that my tackle bag has way too much stuff in it, a veritable cornucopia of lures to entice and seduce the most shy pelagic prey. I could certainly get by with about a dozen or even less. The zen take of less is more where fishing from a sailboat is concerned, is always something to keep in your mantra bag.

That said, I could probably get by with something like this

It pretty much covers all the bases with a couple of lures each devoted mahi, tuna, and sailfish. Truth is, I expect they all have a pretty equal chance of pulling in whatever is pelagic and following your boat and I doubt the tuna/sailfish/mahi will make any distinction…

Is it the perfect minimalist bag of lures for sailing off into the sunset? Nope, but it does have the advantage of having proven lures for pelagics, a nice bag to keep them organized, and a price that is not going to break the bank… Not a bad mix to get started with.

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