Less hassle…

The other day I made the decision to get rid of my speargun and simplfy a bit. The driving force was not that I don’t like spearguns but simply the legal hassles and hoops you have to jump through when visiting places that take issue with them.

Going triggerless just makes things easier…

That said, there are times I know I’ll miss my Rob Allen railgun.

From time to time a little more range than my quiver of polespears provide will be no bad thing so the current need aboard “So It Goes” is a Hawaiian sling…

OK, maybe I should have said a slightly evolved Hawaiian sling. The puppy pictured is the Koah Sidesling and it has some real advantages over the standard bit of broom handle with a hole drilled through the center and a rubber band attatched.

The Koah is a very cool piece of gear.

Of course, I can see a couple of ways to improve on it so I’ll be getting into building some slings for my own use but this is as close as I can find to an off the shelf example of what I find needful so I might just be getting one to play with in the foreseeable future,

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