My new sling rig – Part 1

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my new Hawaiian sling set up and, as I tend to spear fish in deep water, I really needed to sort out a means of tethering the spear shaft to the sling. The problem of course, is a shooting line is going to add drag to the spear and on a Hawaiian sling dealing with the line can get a bit problematic.

Of course, a small reel would work but reels for spearguns tend to be, shall we say, over-priced and/or too big for a sling set up. So, I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable reel that was both inexpensive and smaller than the norm… Surprisingly I found just the thing and it’s made by Cressi.

It’s smallish, featherweight (just a kiss over 3 ounces), and light on the wallet as well at only $23 and change. What’s not to like?

All in all, pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Now all we have to do is see how it works in practice…

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