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Anyone spearing or catching Lionfish should be very interested in this…

Sting Hotshotz Packs from MAKO Spearguns

As more divers are hunting Lionfish, more divers are being stung.

MAKO Spearguns has teamed up with the reusable heat pack maker,
“Hotshotz” to provide the best reusable heat packs for Lionfish stings.

Lionfish venom is made up of proteins that are denatured by applying
heat. Applying heat to the affected area serves to help inactivate the
venom and reduces the potential for it to spread into the bloodstream.
It will also reduce the associated pain and swelling from the sting.
This is why it is so important to have a heat source immediately
available to the victim; the faster you can apply heat, the less damage
(and pain) will occur..

Experts suggest removing any visible spines that may have broken off in
the skin and applying heat (100 to 114 degrees F) to the affected area
for approximately 30 minutes.

NOTE: Completely reusable, these Hotshotz heat packs lasts about an
hour. After using, simply boil in water for 10 to 20 minutes and it is
again ready for use. Can be used hundreds of times.

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