a cool, albeit expensive, lure kit…

The other day I noticed West Marine had a pretty nifty lure kit which is a good example of the sort of quiver that would keep you in fish…

That said, I should warn you that the kit in question is seriously E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E! Those with a heart condition should take note.

The double hook set (my preference) at $449 works out to an astonishing $74 dollars and change per lure.

What’s a poor boy going to do?

Well, for one, you can always get creative. Lures are hardly rocket science though, truth be told, there is no small amount of art needful to the mix. Right now lots of stores are selling off old Xmas decorations for pennies on the dollar and, I know for a fact, that a bit of Mylar tinsel tied as a skirt to a plastic champagne cork married to a hook makes a pretty awesome trolling lure.

Then there are a lot of great trolling lures in the $4-12 dollar range and I can’t think of a better way to get started than half a dozen big spoons or big spinners which I really like. They are as cheap as you can get and, I suspect, nearly as productive as lures costing ten or twenty times more.

Throw in a couple of cedar plugs and a couple of squids and you should be able to keep fish on the menu and let you smile every time you see tuna at $1.39 a can…

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