The best investment you can make…

… to up your spearfishing game.

Get the right fins.
Really. Fins designed for general snorkeling or scuba diving are ill suited for serious free diving or spearfishing at all. Sadly you see a lot of cruisers flail about trying to spearfish with the wrong fins and the operative word in this sentence is… T-R-Y-I-N-G.
Of course, the downside to real free diving fins is that they tend to be expenive starting around $200 and until recently any sub-$200 fins tended to be kinda funky.
Lucky for us that  both Neptonics and Mako (the places I tend to buy my gear from both have some good long fins for a whole lot less…
Neptonics has these Beuchats for around $90

…and Mako has their Mako house brand for around $70.

Either of which will seriously improve your spearfishing game.

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