a spoon I was unaware of…

The other day a friend dropped me a line brimming with excitement over the fact that he’d taken my advice and trolled a spoon instead of his same old same rubber squid and caught a Mahi Mahi. In point of fact, the “spoon” he was using happened to be a Wobbler by Jake’s Lures.

As it happens, I’d never heard of a Wobbler so proceeded to check it out and it looks like this:

Going over to Jake’s Lures website I found that it was relatively inexpensive and came in an interesting number of color schemes. While not a big lure at 1.75 inches, it will most certainly have an action that just about any species will find interesting.

Since I’ve been rethinking various fishing-from-sailboats tactics for a while now where spoons feature as a significant part. So, I’ve been working on a guide to spoons where I’ll be testing various spoons and various ways to use them on a cruising boat.

For certain a project I can have a lot of fun with.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the Wobbler as, to me at least, it looks like just about the perfect spoon for trolling from a dinghy or casting around flotsam for Mahi.

More on the Spoon Project soon come…

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