Don’t burn me at the stake…

This salmon jig was in my email this morning…

Now, my addiction to fishing came about when I was a kid living on Catalina and in northern California. Fishing for salmon up north and tuna in southern California were the backbone of my angling education.

The fact that fishing techniques for salmon and tuna differed greatly always seemed a little weird, but as a mostly dedicated follower of fashion in those days, I accepted the mindset that salmon and tuna were just too different to use the same technique with.

So, what does that have to do with the RCKstar salmon jig pictured above?

Well, it’s a salmon jig… right?

The thing is that the first thing that I thought when I saw this particular lure was …

Boy howdy that’s going to catch mahi!

Why not? It’s got the right color that in my experience mahi goes nuts for. Throw it behind a flasher and you’ll have a killer combo for mahi and, as tuna tend to eat whatever mahi do, you’re more than likely to catch tuna with it as well. Sounds like a workable solution to me.

The problem arises in that a flasher with a jig or fly is entrenched in the realm of salmon-only rigs and would be considered heresy to use such a rig here in the Caribbean.

But hey, heretical generally works for me and, as I’m doing my best to come up with non-plastic alternatives for my sailboat fishing kits, we’ll see how it goes.

More soonish on the subject.

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