Color me pissed off…

As someone who fishes and spearfishes I am not unfamiliar with those who find nothing wrong with eating fish but think that fishing and spearfishing is wrong and damaging to the ecology…

Fact is, most of the pressure on our fish stocks come from pollution, commercial over-fishing, and bycatch. During my college days I worked for a while as a commercial fisherman (tuna) so actually have an understanding and feel for the lot of the commercial fishermen who are just trying to get by and keep a roof over their families’ heads. Most of the evil in the commercial fishing industry is done by people in suits in board rooms or government offices who set the rules in favor of rape and pillage to the highest bidder.

Well that is most of the time, but sadly, some blue collar commercial fishermen are not immune to the greed-is-good gene. Moldy Chum has more on the culling story in North Carolina

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