Some tools for Lion Fish…

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of buying a cheap short pole spear with a paralyzer tip to use as a dedicated Lion Fish tool…

Thing is, while waiting for my new spear to come in, I have been working on a design that is a bit scaled down and even lighter than your normal pole spear. Yesterday I picked up the needful bits and some time in the next week or so will have a prototype and see how it fares with the local Lion Fish population.

For those who can’t wait for me to sort out all the details and publish a plan you might want to check out Hammer Head (apparently great minds think alike) who has already come to market with a pretty awesome little Lion Fish Buster

While I was putting together the materials for my new pole spear I also bought a telescoping BBQ fork that just cried out to me as a means of  close quarters Lion Fish mayhem and murder!

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