Reflections on a blank page…

Hey, remember me?

You might say I’ve been having a certain blockage of the writing-about-fishing-and-critter-hunting kind. It’s not that I’ve been bored with it, didn’t have anything to say, or that I did not want to write… It was simply that the blank page simply got the upper hand. Which, when you think about it, is a lot like fishing and not fishing…

A lot of cruisers and boat folks get gear and fish a bit. Sadly a large percentage tend to quit as they cross the line from not catching to not fishing at all… So many old unused gnarly fishing rods dying a slow death by UV simply a sign of lost dreams.

Where writing is concerned you simply have to write and I’m pretty sure that talent, great ideas, or a good turn of phrase are not nearly as important as simply getting down to it and writing.

So, earlier this week, I bought a new rod and reel (I’m waiting for it to make it’s way down as we speak) which I’ll be using to illustrate some ideas I have for the blog and (hopefully) catching a few fish in the process…

Kind of the point, isn’t it?

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  1. Good! And welcome back. Happens to all of us, those blank spots. Coincidentally, I tried to go trolling in my little Topper sailboat today, and not only had no fish, but practically had no wind. Very frustrating- especially when the lightning started up and I could only crawl on a slow tack to shore…the whole day was a blank. Looking forward to what you'll have for us.

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