a spike in Ciguatera in the BVI…

For folks who tend to catch and eat reef fish you might be interested that cases of Ciguatera are up in the BVI and take precautions.

  • Reduce consumption of coral reef fish, like barracuda, snapper, bass, perch and hind
  • Avoid eating the head, skin, intestines and roe of coral reef fish,
    which usually have a higher concentration of toxins and is associated
    with greater symptom severity.
  • When eating coral reef fish, avoid consuming alcohol, peanuts or beans as they may magnify the effect of the poison;
  • Seek medical treatment immediately should symptoms of ciguatoxin fish poisoning appear
  • Do not buy fish when the source is doubtful.

Personally, I pretty much give reef fish a pass in the Caribbean as it’s just way too much like Russian roulette of the fishy sort. 

Just sayin’.

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