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One of the purveyors of fishing gear I generally buy stuff from is Fish & Save as they offer good gear, great prices, and ship stuff quickly. They also, if you’re on their mailing list send out their deals for the day and let you know when they have sales going on. I’d say it’s safe to say that most of the fishing gear I buy is stuff on sale at Fish& Save.

Like this morning…

Fish & Save has their own line of gear FAS and today it’s on sale and, as I needed a couple of things I was inclined to buy a few lures.

In my experience the three of the five most productive lures for folks fishing from sailboats are the Cedar plug, Drone spoon and a plastic squid. As it happens F&S had their Drone Spoon and Cedar plugs on sale.

 The FAS cedar plug rigged with a 100# test leader and an8/0 hook was all of $3.99.

 The FAS Drone spoon cost all of $2.99.

As I do my own squids and was not all that excited by the FAS squids I didn’t bother but did notice that they also sell the Danielson rigged squid on sale for $1.59 which will pretty much do the job.

So, that’s a total of $8.57 for a selection of lures that will catch fish at sailboat speeds. Just out of curiosity I checked a certain marine chain store for their equivalent pricing and came up with a total of $41 bucks. Which is something to think about.

Oh yeah, it just occurred to me that while I was making my order I really should have looked to see what the FAS Bucktails looked like…

… and now that I have I realize I should have bought a few of their bucktails as well since they are also an excellent lure to troll from a sailboat.

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