Just about everything you need to know…

Neptonics, one of my favorite places to acquire spearfishing gear, has just added a great feature to their website in the guise of the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy.

It’s good. Seriously, it contains just about everything someone getting into spearfishing needs to know in an excellently arranged and understandable manner.

My only issue is that I feel it really should cover triggerless (polespear & Hawaiian sling) spearfishing as well. I expect they’ll get around to adding triggerless content as time goes on as they sell some great polespears and a lot of the information in the Academy section is applicable to anyone using a polespear or a sling. Still, a little dedicated polespear and sling content would be a welcome addition.

Definitely the Neptonics Spearfishing Academy pages deserve to be bookmarked as your go to reference for spearfishing information.

Just sayin’

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