A good deal

Fish&Save (one of the few places I buy fishing gear from) has an excellent deal on rigged squid lures for $0.69. a pop in their clearance section. Quite a selection in colors as well and very much worth checking out.

Squid, it’s what’s for dinner…

Squid, for the cruising sailor, is a great resource as they are fairly easy to catch, abundant, and, cooked properly, quite tasty. Hogy lures has an excellent primer on all you need to know when fishing for squid that you should really check out.

a better squid?

 So, I saw this the other day… It would appear that the folks at Chasebaits have significantly raised the bar with their Ultimate squid on what a plastic squid should be. Color me all kinds of impressed.   Pretty as well. I’ve owned about a kazillion lures that looked like they’d be the chosen plat …

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