A good deal

Fish&Save (one of the few places I buy fishing gear from) has an excellent deal on rigged squid lures for $0.69. a pop in their clearance section. Quite a selection in colors as well and very much worth checking out.

a real good deal…

One of the purveyors of fishing gear I generally buy stuff from is Fish & Save as they offer good gear, great prices, and ship stuff quickly. They also, if you’re on their mailing list send out their deals for the day and let you know when they have sales going on. I’d say it’s …

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Squid, it’s what’s for dinner…

Squid, for the cruising sailor, is a great resource as they are fairly easy to catch, abundant, and, cooked properly, quite tasty. Hogy lures has an excellent primer on all you need to know when fishing for squid that you should really check out.

A new lure for the quiver….

The hardest problem where fishing under sail is concerned is how well a lure performs at slow speeds and this lure, from Hogy, looks like just the thing when you’re ghosting along. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a couple and see just how well they work.

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